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Welcome to my whimsical world.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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everything [26 Apr 2007|10:07am]
Is completely amazing right now. I couldn't be happier right now.

Going through tough times, makes you such a better person. Im so glad everything that just happened, did, and is over.

My parents are coming back.

I start college in the fall.
Start skating.
Found new importance in things i never valued before.
New hopes.
Awesome new relationships.
Great friends.
Amazing memories.

Seriously, everything is perfect for me right now. Bring on the amazing summer.
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[09 Oct 2006|11:44pm]
When/ Why did everyone start to suck?
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move [24 Aug 2006|06:00pm]
me moving is the funniest thing that ive ever done.

I got my GED.

getting a job
taking trucking ( a 10 week course)
Getting 6 months experience
Ill be back with my own place by next june.

No way could i live the rest of my life wishing i could be back there.
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[ mood | UGH!! ]


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.... [12 Mar 2006|06:18pm]


Considering i was surrounded by "friends" last night, i have now lost trust in almost everyone. Thank you for stealing my license, aprox. 100$ and my health insurance card. I had my wallet right before i went in, and then it was miraculously gone.

It's a scottish red wallet, if anyone sees it.

Once again, fuck you.

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more shows [20 Jan 2006|02:00pm]
March 26th - at the token lounge With Nuke and the living dead plus 4 other punk bands.
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No Regrets shows [19 Jan 2006|10:16pm]
Jan 28th - Lions club - wsg, St Thomas, The Swellers, White Lies, Red Shift + more
Feb 11th - Lions club - wsg, White Lies, Koffin Kats, St Thomas Boys Academy, Trendy and The Sals
March ? - Skelletones - Offbeats and Red shift
March 31st- Alvins - wsg, THE AMINO ACIDS, St thomas, Red Shift, Offbeats, and 45 cents ( bands pending, will be finallized shortly)
April 14th - sports dome in Port Huron - 4 ska bands plus no regrets

shows pending - Heagles basement, The Noruh Grotto, and going to Chicago to play with Much the Same!
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ouch [31 Dec 2005|11:16am]
[ mood | crushed ]

shoulda took the chance. Eh i suppose its too late now.

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2005 [13 Dec 2005|07:30pm]
Janu....wait nvmd i can some up this year with the only good things that happened.

Hung out alot with addison, kyle green, ana, liz, and had alot of fun with No Regrets.
Best summer ever.
Dropped out of fucking Highschool, amen.
Met alot of cool people.
Got an awesome job and bought alot of good shit!
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no reeegrets [04 Dec 2005|09:36pm]

New UNMIXED DEMO version of "Return of the Trot", 1 of the 4 new songs out on our free demo.

check her out
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Real Detroit [02 Dec 2005|10:02am]
this is what Real Detroit magazine had to say about No Regrets!

"And in keeping with the punk rock, The Red Shift are playing a pre-turkey day hall show with another straight ahead style punk rock band. With nimble bass playing, NOFX punk beats and snotty vocals, No Regrets are a bitchin’ mix of Bad Religion and the Fat Wreck Chords roster"

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"wait a minute, your ass just sneezed...and horses cant talk!..." [01 Dec 2005|11:15pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

Just had an awesome conversation with someone and told them alot of thiungs ive wanted too for a long time. good shit.

so yeah im working 25-40 hours a week...which is sweet.

Were finishing up our 5 song demo shortly...doing the vocals on sat, then all we have is mixing.

thanks to everyone who came to no regrets show in armada, was fucking sweet!

Nofx march 4th in cleveland. im there.

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Oh i forgot [17 Nov 2005|10:08pm]
Also at this show, we are being reviewed by Real Detroit Magazine!!!!
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show [17 Nov 2005|01:39pm]
Wed. Nov 23rd. At the Armada Creek Center banquet Hall. 5$, 5-9. Punk Rock Feast featuring No regrets, The Red Shift, St Thomas Boys Academy, The White Lies and 4 other punk rock bands! For directions go to mapquest. The Address is 72025 North Ave, Armada Michigan.
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Homecoming [03 Oct 2005|02:54pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

So yeah, I gave up homecoming King. I was told i had to be there so i guess i won, but then i told them that I didnt want to go. Mrs accivatti was shocked, having no idea why I wouldn't want to go to homecoming as King.

I gave it up because I dont want to be Mr. popular King of homecoming. I dont feel like going to a parade and dance and being all school spirit, and also I dont feel like going there and being an ass. To be honest i just dont care about some stupid popularity contest. Its awesome that theres enough cool people that voted for me and shit, thanks guys, but I dont feel like going to some fruity dance.

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Shows NOT cancelled [23 Aug 2005|02:48am]
Ok the show is friday is ON now, despite 52440400404 changes. heres the info for friday.

( 100% confirmed) No regrets, Best in Theory ( kyle heagle, nick rios, mike cole) and the White Lies at kyle heagles basement, this friday, august 26th. 8 p.m. for 4$. Kyle heagle lives down meldrum, park across the street in the huge parking lot. if you go down meldrum, u will find the house.

No Regrets closes. Come on out to a fun ass basement show.

No drinking smoking or needles allowed ( unless ur diabetic)

Social security and blood type till be taken at the door...

ok no, just come and have fun.
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oh shit [10 Aug 2005|10:42am]
[ mood | happy ]

What an amazing summer.

I love my friends.

I havent felt this way in a while....and i missed it.

Well, Im off for a job interview at GFS, wish me luck.

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Keegan has to be the dumbest person, ever. [12 Jun 2005|03:53pm]
[ mood | i hate keegan. ]

Keegan said nofx is the new anti flag in an argument.


a little history keegan....

Nofx came out in 1983, anti flag in 1993...leaving anti flag 10 years AFTER nofx.

Anti flag are signed to Nofx's record label...

Anti flag and nofx sound NOTHING alike.

Anti flag never ever play the speed or style of nofx.

Nofx basically is to credit bring "melodic punk"..( 90's style) to being popular( id say the descendents started the style)....anti flag TOOK that style and slowed it down.

Keegan, you sir are a musical idiot who changes every six months. I first saw u in a global threat shirt, now 9 months later, you claim all streetpunk is shit. You claim you love oi but i bet you cant name one oi band besides cock sparrer or sham 69. You love emo, but 3 months ago you said rise against sucks because their emo. You sir, are a complete idiot.

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WHOA. [10 Jun 2005|12:13am]
[ mood | enraged ]

DUDE, people are messed up.

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dear thom...read... [10 Jun 2005|12:07am]
[ mood | content ]

Sexpistolxx87: and i hate how thom makes "punks" look
Sexpistolxx87: NO "punk" i know thinks the way he portrays us.
Sexpistolxx87: look at me and chris and kyle green and kyle davis...do we think like that?
Those Lo Fi 16: i think thom was just just joking around
Sexpistolxx87: its still constant
Sexpistolxx87: and annoyinh
Sexpistolxx87: he thinks us " punks" all sit around and go..hmm how can i be more punk rock?
Sexpistolxx87: im actually a conservative strong christian...how "punk rock" is that? do i care? fuck no.  ill stand behind my belief in Jesus Christ before id stand behind " punk rock"
Those Lo Fi 16: really?
Sexpistolxx87: yeah
Sexpistolxx87: thom needs to look around, talk to a few " punk" kids and notice hmmm...none of this kids are actually like that.  Look at me and chris...were pretty open minded guys right? ...were in a punk rock band...isnt that "punk rock".. he needs to chill...who is he actually making fun of anyways?
Those Lo Fi 16: some kids really are tho
Sexpistolxx87: i mean thom is a cool as fuck guy though, i honestly like him and always wanted to talk to him...but shit, he needs to stop being so close minded. i dont sit there and taunt on "autopilot" and shit, i lik that shit...why cant he open up a little too?   i bet if he listened to nofx he'd relize theres some talent and good music there
Sexpistolxx87: punk is a made up word.
Sexpistolxx87: a punk is someone who likes and supports punk music
Sexpistolxx87: and its a fashion. plain and simple.   anyone who takes themselfs anymore seriously than that is a joke.

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