Is completely amazing right now. I couldn't be happier right now.

Going through tough times, makes you such a better person. Im so glad everything that just happened, did, and is over.

My parents are coming back.

I start college in the fall.
Start skating.
Found new importance in things i never valued before.
New hopes.
Awesome new relationships.
Great friends.
Amazing memories.

Seriously, everything is perfect for me right now. Bring on the amazing summer.
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me moving is the funniest thing that ive ever done.

I got my GED.

getting a job
taking trucking ( a 10 week course)
Getting 6 months experience
Ill be back with my own place by next june.

No way could i live the rest of my life wishing i could be back there.


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Considering i was surrounded by "friends" last night, i have now lost trust in almost everyone. Thank you for stealing my license, aprox. 100$ and my health insurance card. I had my wallet right before i went in, and then it was miraculously gone.

It's a scottish red wallet, if anyone sees it.

Once again, fuck you.
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No Regrets shows

Jan 28th - Lions club - wsg, St Thomas, The Swellers, White Lies, Red Shift + more
Feb 11th - Lions club - wsg, White Lies, Koffin Kats, St Thomas Boys Academy, Trendy and The Sals
March ? - Skelletones - Offbeats and Red shift
March 31st- Alvins - wsg, THE AMINO ACIDS, St thomas, Red Shift, Offbeats, and 45 cents ( bands pending, will be finallized shortly)
April 14th - sports dome in Port Huron - 4 ska bands plus no regrets

shows pending - Heagles basement, The Noruh Grotto, and going to Chicago to play with Much the Same!


Janu....wait nvmd i can some up this year with the only good things that happened.

Hung out alot with addison, kyle green, ana, liz, and had alot of fun with No Regrets.
Best summer ever.
Dropped out of fucking Highschool, amen.
Met alot of cool people.
Got an awesome job and bought alot of good shit!

no reeegrets


New UNMIXED DEMO version of "Return of the Trot", 1 of the 4 new songs out on our free demo.

check her out