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Welcome to my whimsical world....


21 April
Im a drummer in a band . I love punk and food.
311, 88 fingers louie, a global threat, a.f.i., adicts, against all authority, against me, alice in chains, all, alvins, angry samoans, anti flag, aus rotten, bad religion, beastie boys, black flag, blind leads nakid, blink 182, blitz, bloodhound gang, bootknife, bush, catch 22, chaotic alliance, cheap sex, choking victim, chris farley, circle jerks, clit 45, complete control, cropknox, defiance, deftones, descendents, destruction made simple, devotchkas, dk, dropkick murphys, eminem, even in blackouts, exploited, flipside records, flogging molly, gbh, girls, good riddance, green day, grilling, guttermouth, h20, incubus, jello biafra, jerky boys, justin sane, lagwagon, leftover crack, less than jake, lord of the rings, lower class brats, meat, metallica, millencolin, minor threat, mohawks, mxpx, nerf herder, nerve agents, nine inch nails, nirvana, no regrets, nofx, oasis, offspring, operation ivy, pearl jam, pennywise, prank phone calls, primus, propagandhi, pulley, punk, punk fashion, punks, queen, rage against the machine, raised fist, ramones, rancid, reagan youth, red hot chill peppers, refused, relationships, ripped heart, rise against, screeching weasel, sex pistols, smashimg pumpkins, social distortion, soundgarden, south bay bessie, steak, streetpunk, sublime, sum 41, system of a down, the accidents, the casualties, the clash, the ghouls, the havoc, the hives, the unseen, the vandals, the vines, the virus, thrash, thrice, torture my kat records, total chaos, virus 9, zeke